Press Release: Statement on Establishing a Global Cyber Security Assurance System

In terms of business processes, security assurance shall be integrated into all business processes relating to R&D, the supply chain, sales and marketing, delivery, and technical services. Such integration, as the fundamental requirement of the quality management system, will be implemented under the guidance of management regulations and technical specifications. In addition, Huawei will reinforce the implementation of the cybersecurity assurance system by conducting internal auditing and receiving external certification and auditing from security authorities or independent third-party agencies. Furthermore, Huawei has already been certified to BS7799-2/ISO27001 accreditation since 2004.

In connection with personnel management, our employees, partners, and consultants are required to comply with cybersecurity policies and requirements made by Huawei and receive appropriate training so that the concept of security is deeply rooted throughout Huawei. To promote cybersecurity, Huawei will reward employees who take an active part in cybersecurity assurance and will take appropriate action against those who violate cyber assurance policies. Employees may also incur personal legal liability for violation of relevant laws and regulations.

Taking on an open, transparent and sincere attitude, Huawei is willing to work with all governments, customers and partners through various channels to jointly cope with cybersecurity threats and challenges from cybersecurity. Huawei will set up regional security certification centers if necessary. These certification centers will be made highly transparent to local governments and customers, and Huawei will allow its products to be inspected by people authorized by local governments to ensure the security of Huawei’s products and delivery service. Meanwhile, Huawei has been proactively involved in the telecom cybersecurity standardization activities led by ITU-T, 3GPP, and IETF etc., and has joined security organizations such as FIRST and partnered with mainstream security companies to ensure the cybersecurity of its customers and promote the healthy development of industries.

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